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Yoga Practice

It's time for you to

Twisted Yoga at Thrive Wellness Studio


Amanda Hardwick is the head instructor at Thrive. She has carefully and methodically written each class.

Amanda has worked with Dr. Hess to make sure each class compliments the theory of Hess Chiropractic, which is to keep the spine as healthy as possible in order to keep the nervous system calm and allow all of the systems and organs in the body to function at their highest level.

​The point of these classes are to bring peace, love, flexibility, and strength to the mind, body, and nervous system. These classes are written so that everyone has the ability to take these classes. 

You are welcome to email if you would like to take a private introductory lesson to ensure that you are fully prepared for the class setting.

Come Give Us a Try

Dr. Hess and her team work hard to give you the tools necessary to have a happy life. Come meet the team and upgrade your health journey today. Call to get set up: 843-409-9412!

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